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アマミーナ通信NO.7 2015年初春号

皆さんお待たせしました。2015年最初のアマミーナ通信の出版です。昨年の報告も含めて、新年早々の出来事そして今後のイベント予定もいつものごとく情報一杯の通信です。Enjoy reading (^_^)!


2015 米国巡回少女マンガ展第二弾のゆくえいよいよCUNY-Baruchへ (2/3 - 2/27/2015)

バッサーカレッジの成功の後、いよいよ展示会はNYはマンハッタン、NY市立大学バルーク校 (Baruch College) へ。私も奄美を離れ、久しぶりにアメリカにそしてNYに向かいます。

Symposium at CUNY-Baruch College

1. Event Date/Time & Venue:

Date: February 19th, Thursday 
Time: 12:40 to 2:20 pm
Place: VC5-165 (Vertical Campus Baruch College, 55 Lexington Ave., New York, NY 10010)
- The symposium will be held at Building B (Vertical Campus)
- The Sydney Mishkin Gallery (Shojo Manga Exhibit) is located at Building D.

2. Speakers & Schedule:

1) 12:40 PM: Greetings

2) 12:45 PM: Dr. Masami Toku, Professor at California State University, Chico. 
“Shojo Manga! Girl Power!: Evolution and Transformation of Japanese Girls' Comics” 

3) 1:20 PM:Mr. Ed Chavez, Marketing Director at Vertical, Inc. 
“Josei in the USA: How Women from Japan Redefined and Revitalized the North American Comics Industry”

4)  1:40 PM: Dr. Kathryn Hemmann, Assistant Professor at George Mason University
“Big Eyes, Magical Girls, and the American Way: The Cultural Cross-Pollination of Shōjo Manga”