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2020 新書出版:Manga!: Visual Pop-Culture in ARTS Education (by Masami Toku & Hiromi Tsuchiya Dollase)

Dear colleagues and friends in HFA, CSUC:


I hope this mail finds you well. 

This is Masami Toku, from Art Education in the Dept. of Art and Art History. Please allow me to share our new edited book with you (a free eBook^_^).

We, Hiromi Dollase, Vassar College, and I are so happy to make this announcement: our book of Manga! Visual Pop-Culture in ARTS Education has been published by InSEA (International Society for Education through Art)  :


Manga!: Visual Pop-Culture in ARTS Education (PDF): MB)


This book explores the power of visual pop culture, in particular, manga, discussing theories and practices for incorporating its study into diverse educational disciplines. It presents the value of education through manga, showcasing ways in which manga can be a very useful pedagogical tool in educational curricula. The content is composed of two parts: 1) theory and practice in ARTS (visual and performing arts) education and 2) manga in cultural, language, and media studies, with particular emphasis on pedagogical aspects. 24 authors who are specialists in visual popular culture in their respective disciplines share their knowledge and experiences of how to incorporate the value of manga into their academic subjects.  We hope that this book will contribute to the further advancement of education in visual pop culture and that a wide range of readers will use it as a springboard to spread our belief in “education through manga across disciplines.”


Please feel free to share the link to our book with your colleagues and studentswho might be interested in the topic. InSEA has decided to provide this eBook for free not only to InSEA members, but also non-members (the print version will be available for a fee if you are interested ^_6). We hope that you will discover something new and useful from these 22 articles with diverse approaches to the theme of this book.You are also welcome to use this book (or any chapter) as a supplemental text in your classes. 


A new challenging semester will be coming soon, but we believe we can overcome this tough situation by helping and working together.


With sincere gratitude,


Masami & Hiromi
Editors of book


Masami Toku
Professor of Art Education

Dept. of Art & Art History 

California State University, Chico

107 Ayres Hall, 400 West 1st St.

Chico, CA 95929-0820 USA
Tel: 530-898-5331/Fax: 898-4171 

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